for Entrepreneurs & Busy Professionals

Calendar Management

It's not just about scheduling appointments.  We provide a professional and positivehigh-touch experience for your clients, prospects and colleagues. Additionally,we look for efficiencies with how you use your time so your work hours are focused with clear boundaries to recharge, rest and relax.

Client Onboarding

We are a reflection of how you like to engage with your clients. If you like to schedule all their appointments upfront, clearly explain your policies, invoice, handoff your W9, we’ll take care of it. We work with you to determine the experience you want for your client and then we make it happen.

Travel Management

We book your flights and hotels, or work with a travel agent to get it done. Need recommendations on where to stay? Choose from our carefully researched options that fall within your budget.

Need documents and presentations printed while away? Count on us to get it done and ready for pickup close to your location. 

Take the stress out of navigating a new city by having us plan your itinerary. From riding the train to light rail or where to park, we get you from Point A to B seamlessly. To maximize your business trip, we schedule your meetings so your time is spent as efficiently as possible. (And when you’re ready for that well-deserved vacation, we can help with that too!

Event Management

Events require flawless coordination and planning. Whether your event style is modern and trend-driven or classic and timeless, we coordinate the venue, décor, catering, audio/visual and more to realize your vision. We make sure your event is ready so you can show up and do your thing.

Onsite Meeting Services

We travel with you to client meetings and take detailed notes for your attendees. Notes are professionally formatted and branded for you before handoff.

If you need to capture all or part of the meeting on video, we take care of that as well. We can play back during the event, or upload for playback at a later date.

Writing & Editing

Sometimes you need someone to get you started. We can take the first stab. Some things we write from scratch, some we edit. Let's talk about how we can support you.



If you need some information on a competitor, prospect, new client, new client’s competitor(s), or more, if it exists, we can find and present the information you are looking for.

File Management

Tired of spending precious time searching for a document/form/proposal/client information/various other documents for your business? Let us  understand your needs then recommend the best solution for document storage, nomenclature, and version control that works for you. Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive – we work in the system you prefer (or we recommend a solution) and implement it for you.

Personal Concierge Services

From health and contractor appointments  to dinner reservations and the spa, we schedule them so you don’t have to.

Those automated customer service phone calls to Comcast? We take care of it. And don’t forget those birthday/thank you/holiday/just because cards. We do those too.

Creative Services

You have your brand. We apply it. Your PPT will look polished, your documents clean, crisp, and proofread. You need more business cards? We can update your files and manage the printing. 


Do you have a bunch of handouts, forms, etc? We gather them all up, make sure they are all professional, proofed and reflect your brand from the logo to the colors and fonts. Don’t know exactly what the brand look/feel is? Don’t worry, we can help with that too.


Have a newsletter to issue? We can manage that process from beginning to end. With experience creating templates in MailChimp (or similar program) and laying out content, we take care to find the right image(s) and place them so you and your brand look good. We can even upload your list, create groups, manage your mailings and track data from it. 


We can lay out your presentations and advise you on best practices for content (but we will do it your way). If you want animations, you'll have them! If you need a new design, we'll create one for you.


Need to update some copy? Add some new content? Change or add a photo? Post a new blog post? We've got you covered.

“Deborah very quickly figures out the most important things to tackle and jumps in.  She relishes creating process where there was none, finding resources to fill gaps in productivity, and being a trusted advisor when you need to face and deal with things your business needs to grow.

Deborah has deep capacity to free you up and add value.  From taking your schedule in hand, to creating marketing material, to designing and running more complex projects, she’s someone who tells it like it is and whose judgment is excellent in the face of ambiguity.  I trust her to be insightful, proactive and professional at all times.  One of the best things Deborah provides is a very professional face to my clients who have come to know and respect her as a critical part of working with me.

If you’re serious about tightening up your business processes and freeing yourself up for the things only you can do, Deborah can be an important part of your plan."


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