Is my information secure & confidential?

Security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to us. To that end, we sign a confidentiality agreement. We are part of your team, and teams have each other's backs.

In order for us to do our best work on your behalf, we need access to many of your accounts and often need a credit card to make purchases on your behalf. All of that information is securely stored via LastPass. If you aren't already, we highly encourage you to use it as well. It is a way for you to share your logins with us without exposing your passwords. If you don't use it, we store all your login and credit card information in LastPass under lock and key.


PC or Mac?

That's like trying to decide a favorite between your children. We use PCs, and we’ve been able to play nicely with our Mac friends.

Do you have a monthly minimum?

We get that your business may have ebbs and flows, so we ebb and flow with you. And we are here to lighten your load. That said, we do request a minimum of 10 hours a month. For a detailed overview of our services and the support we offer. Please visit the services page.

How do I pay you?

All work is done on a retainer. If there has been a time overage in a certain month (client asked for additional work and/or work outside of the regular business hours), that excess is added to the following month's retainer.

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